DataStax Studio 6.7 release notes

Release notes for DataStax Studio 6.7.x.

Release notes for DataStax Studio 6.7.x.

For DSE release notes, see DataStax Enterprise 6.7 release notes.

For upgrade information, see Upgrading DataStax Studio.

DataStax Studio 6.7.0 release notes

5 December 2018

The latest version of DataStax Studio is 6.7.x.

DataStax Studio release notes for 6.7.0 include:

6.7.0 Changes and enhancements

  • OpenJDK 8 (1.8.0_151 minimum) is required. DataStax does more extensive testing on OpenJDK 8 due to the end of public updates for Oracle JRE/JDK 8. (STUDIO-2309)
  • Studio startup time is improved. (STUDIO-2406)

6.7.0 Resolved issues

  • Exported notebooks include results sets even when cell code only is selected. (STUDIO-2335)
  • Studio bash script error when checking Java version on Ubuntu 16. (STUDIO-2410)
  • Studio hangs due to race condition during a connection exception. (STUDIO-2451)

6.7.0 Known issue

  • Incorrect database substitution can occur if the Spark SQL statements do not end in a semicolon (;).