DataStax Studio 6.8 release notes

Release notes for DataStax Studio 6.8.x.

Attention: DataStax Studio 6.8.x release notes are now hosted here: Studio 6.8.4 and later release notes.

For DSE release notes, see DataStax Enterprise 6.8 release notes.

For upgrade information, see Upgrading DataStax Studio.

DataStax Studio 6.8.2 release notes

Attention: DataStax Studio 6.8.x release notes are now hosted here: Studio 6.8.4 and later release notes.

31 July 2020

6.8.2 Changes and enhancements

  • Added support for gzip files on Notebook imports. (STUDIO-2299)
  • Notebooks can be imported into Studio using GitHub URLs. (STUDIO-2299)
    The feature now works with URLs such as the following examples:
    • "blob" URLs:

    • Spaces in the URL:

6.8.2 Resolved issues

  • Fixed issues displaying the results of a Graph elementMap query when the graph schema contains id or label properties. (STUDIO-3152)
    Specifically, with this change:
    • Objects of type T in Studio are now displayed with a T. prefix. For example: or T.label.
    • Edge objects in Studio now display id, inVLabel, and outVLabel columns in addition to label. Example: see the results of g.E().
    • The maximum length of a value displayed in a Studio cell result has increased from 100 to 150 characters.
  • Fixed a issue in CQL cells where certain table properties were not recognized and reported as a validation error. (STUDIO-3139)
    The following table properties are now recognized as valid:
    • table property additional_write_policy
    • table property read_repair
    • property option incremental of table property nodesync
  • Fixed an issue when the provided import URL contained spaces or other characters that needed to be URL encoded. (STUDIO-3155)

    See the related Notebooks enhancement listed above.

DataStax Studio 6.8.1 release notes

Attention: DataStax Studio 6.8.x release notes are now hosted here: Studio 6.8.4 and later release notes.

19 June 2020

6.8.1 Changes and enhancements

  • Added the last updated date/time to the status line of cell results in Studio. (STUDIO-2298)
  • To use Studio when authentication and authorization are enabled, you must set database permissions on system and system_schema keyspaces and on specific tables. Related settings are needed via GRANT EXECUTE and other commands, depending on the components used. (STUDIO-3046)

    See Controlling access to DataStax Studio.

  • The Test Connection feature now checks user permissions for the specific keyspaces and tables that Studio queries. (STUDIO-3048)

    When there are problems, the Edit Connection form displays a "Database authorization problem" error message with a details link. Example:

    Edit Connection form with message indicating Database authorization problem and details link

    To learn about the specific issues, click the details link. Example:

    Studio database access permission error dialog example

    If Studio is unable to connect to Spark SQL, the Spark SQL cells now display a more detailed message to indicate why the problem occurred. Example:

    Studio error message displayed in SparkSQL notebook cell because Always On SQL Server (AOSS) does not have permission to access data

  • Added Studio support for CQL BACKUP commands. See Backup and Restore Service CQL Command Reference. (STUDIO-3076)
  • Added Studio support for the following cqlsh commands:
  • Improved CQL cell validation of maximum length of keyspace and table identifiers to be version specific.
    • Max length is 48 characters in DSE 5.1.x and DSE 6.0.x
    • Max length is 222 characters in DSE 6.7.x and higher
  • Improved the execution time of the first CQL or Spark SQL cell execution. (STUDIO-3126)
  • A Gremlin cell can be executed in Studio when there is no Graph selected for the Notebook. This support enables the execution of Gremlin code that does not require a Graph. (STUDIO-3128)

6.8.1 Resolved issues

  • Duration data type syntax highlighting in CQL cells. (STUDIO-1277)
  • ConcurrentModificationException periodically appeared in standard out. (STUDIO-2216)
  • DateRangeTypes now display properly in Studio results. (STUDIO-2945)
  • In Studio, CQL cells using ALTER TABLE commands containing certain WITH clauses previously did not run properly. (STUDIO-3115)
  • Null Pointer Exception encountered in Studio when trying to execute a CQL cell that only contained comments. (STUDIO-3117)
  • In Studio 6.8.0, attempts to use an unreserved DSE keyword as the User Defined Type (UDT) name caused an org.apache.cassandra.exceptions.SyntaxException. (STUDIO-3120)
  • In CQL cells, Search query parameters useFieldCache and timeAllowed are now recognized. (STUDIO-3123)
  • Fixed an issue in CQL cells when the selected keyspace value in the Keyspace dropdown was an identifier that must be quoted. (STUDIO-3132)
    Examples of identifiers that must be quoted:
    • starts with a number
    • starts with an underscore
    • CQL reserved keyword
  • Addressed issues with the server startup script on Windows OS when java_home was not defined in the environment. (STUDIO-3136)
  • In CQL cells, the following Datetime functions are now recognized. (STUDIO-3137)
    • currentTimestamp
    • currentDate
    • currentTime
    • currentTimeUUID

DataStax Studio 6.8.0 release notes

Attention: DataStax Studio 6.8.x release notes are now hosted here: Studio 6.8.4 and later release notes.

March 2020

6.8.0 Changes and enhancements

  • Create and share links to direct cells with the new Copy Cell Link option in the Other Cell Action () menu. (STUDIO-645, STUDIO-2817)
  • You can now import a notebook using a URL. (STUDIO-1814)
  • You can now click the connection name in notebook header to open the connection dialog and make changes. (STUDIO-1762)
  • DataStax Graph (core) provides more versatility in application development. See About DataStax Graph. To learn about the redesign of DataStax Graph, take a tour with the DataStax Graph QuickStart v6.8.0 notebook from the Studio home page. (STUDIO-2263, STUDIO-2403, STUDIO-2499)
  • New execution options and connection management options in configuration.yaml. Options from earlier versions that are not present in the file are ignored and can safely be removed. (STUDIO-1696)
  • Select Edit Connection in the notebook header to edit the current connection, add a new connection, or select a different connection directly from within the notebook.
  • Clustering Key columns are no longer sorted by name. (STUDIO-1792)
  • Improved user experience when you create or edit a Connection. After you click the Save button, a spinner now displays to indicate progress and prevent other changes to the Connection. (STUDIO-2322)
  • Improved usability inside notebooks. The cursor pointer is now consistent in dropdowns. (STUDIO-2487)
  • Changes to the Create Graph dialog include the addition of a cluster node count. (STUDIO-2574)
  • Studio now supports the export of query results to CSV and JSON formats. (STUDIO-316, STUDIO-2628)
  • Studio notebook versions are updated for v6.8.0. (STUDIO-2676)
  • CQL duration data type is now supported in CQL cells. (STUDIO-2814)
  • Changes in the New Graph dialog. (STUDIO-2499, STUDIO-2574, STUDIO-2678)
    • Choose DataStax Graph (Core) or Classic. The graphic type is displayed in the upper left corner of the notebook. The Core notebook is recommended.
    • The replication options are set to match the number of discovered cluster nodes and are configurable.
  • Neighborhood expansion query is optimized to reduce expensive server side operations for super nodes. (STUDIO-2663)
  • You can now execute only the highlighted statement or statements in a cell. (STUDIO-2892)
    • For CQL and Spark SQL cells, partial statement highlights and execution are supported. It's handy to select any part of the statement to execute the entire statement.
    • For Gremlin cells, you must select the entire statement. Error messages returned indicate the line number within the group of highlighted statements, not the line number of the cell.
  • In the Create Notebook dialog, the connection now auto-fills if there is only a single connection. (STUDIO-2973)
  • Execution configuration changes. (STUDIO-2946)
    • Execution configurations on a new installation are LOCAL.ONE, LOCAL.QUORUM, and LOCAL.QUORUM.TRACE.
    • The default execution configuration is LOCAL.ONE.
    • Upgrading existing Studio installations automatically replaces old execution configurations with new ones:
      6.8 6.7 and earlier
    • You can now create an Astra connection. (STUDIO-3095)

6.8.0 Resolved issues

  • Graph dropdown must be updated when connection is changed. (STUDIO-2775)
  • Error message when trying to connect to an unsupported cluster type, for a cluster other than DSE, is not clear. (STUDIO-2836)
  • Table using non-frozen UDTs can throw Codec not found error. (STUDIO-3004)
  • The server.bat file did not handle Windows user directories that contained spaces and caused Studio startup to fail. (STUDIO-3023)
  • Cell execution results causing OOM. Use new cell execution settings in configuration.yaml. (STUDIO-3068)