Astra DB Serverless

Astra DB Serverless empowers developers to build cutting-edge AI applications with robust APIs, real-time data handling, and seamless ecosystem integrations. Read our introduction to vector databases if you’re new to Astra DB Serverless.

Get started

Ready to work with Astra DB Serverless? Dive into the quickstart guide and learn how to create a database, connect, and load data in a matter of minutes.

Database basics

Create a database

Learn the fundamental steps of setting up your Astra DB Serverless database.

Load data

Discover methods for loading data into Astra DB Serverless, ensuring it's structured and ready to use.

Explore your data

Explore your database, utilizing Astra DB Serverless's features for querying and analyzing your data.

Expand your Astra DB Serverless knowledge


Discover how Astra DB Serverless integrates with popular tools and platforms to enhance your workflow and data management.



Explore our comprehensive tutorials to master Astra DB Serverless. From basic setup to advanced functionalities.


API references

Utilize our detailed API references for a deep understanding of Astra DB Serverless's capabilities and how to effectively use them.

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