What is Astra DB?

DataStax Astra DB is a serverless, multi-cloud native DBaaS built on Apache Cassandra®.

Start today with a $300/year free credit. You can use the Astra DB console and APIs to greatly simplify cloud-native Cassandra application development. Astra DB reduces deployment time from weeks to minutes, and delivers a combination of serverless, pay-as-you-go pricing with the freedom and agility of multi-cloud and open-source software. All that functionality is yours without the hassles of complex database and infrastructure administration.

Astra DB database guardrails and limits help enforce best practices by defining parameters for operations, such as table number and column size limits, ensuring the database operates with consistent performance and maintains cluster health.

In addition to this Astra DB documentation, be sure to check out our new Awesome-Astra site. It includes developer-focused tutorials and learning materials to help you quickly build great applications. Awesome-Astra also provides a rich set of external tools to connect your apps to Astra DB data, and "Try It!" features within the product’s API docs. Get a jump on your learning and start coding today!

To learn more about Astra DB, we recommend watching the Astra DB videos on the DataStax Developers YouTube channel. Our developers introduce you to the most frequently used Astra DB features.

For introductory information about Astra DB, start in our Astra DB FAQs.

Astra Streaming

For documentation about Astra Streaming, see Astra Streaming.

Astra DB Classic documentation

If you’re a user of Astra DB Classic, switch over to the documentation written specifically for it.