DSE and OSS drivers have been unified

As of the 4.4.0 release of the Datastax Java Driver for Apache Cassandra® (OSS Driver), the Datastax Enterprise Java Driver (DSE driver) functionality has been merged into this single, Datastax driver. Please refer to the blog post for more information on this change.

The DSE driver is an extension of our open-source driver for Apache Cassandra® (often referred to as “OSS driver” throughout the rest of this manual). More precisely, each DSE module depends on its OSS counterpart, and injects custom logic to support DSE features.

The DSE modules are:

  • Core: the main entry point, deals with connectivity and query execution.
  • Query builder: a fluent API to create CQL queries programmatically.
  • Mapper: generates the boilerplate to execute queries and convert the results into application-level objects.

This manual only covers DSE-specific features; we will reference the OSS driver 4 manual for common behavior.