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CQL (Cassandra Query Language) is a query language for the DataStax Enterprise database.
Provides a consolidated syntax list of Cassandra Query Language (CQL) commands for quick reference.
Basic rules to follow when designing a DataStax Enterprise database.
Shows the CQL command syntax and rules, and provides instruction on using CQL shell (cqlsh).
Create, alter, and drop keyspaces, tables, functions, and search indexes.
Learn about materialized views, which are tables with data that is automatically inserted and updated from another base table.
How to insert data into a table with either regular or JSON data.
Retrieve data sets from a table using SELECT statements.
Commands specific to the Cassandra Query Language shell (cqlsh) utility.
Provides a brief description and syntax for CQL statements, types, operators, and functions supported by the DataStax EnterpriseDataStax Astra database.
CQL description of keyspaces, tables and other database resources used in CQL examples.