Viewing the CQL for User-Defined Types

About this task

View the CQL for User-Defined Types (UDT) within a keyspace in OpsCenter Monitoring. The CQL statements for user-defined types are view-only in OpsCenter.

If OpsCenter authentication is enabled, users must have permissions granted in their roles to view the schema. See OpsCenter access roles overview.

For information about creating a UDT using CQL, see Creating a user-defined type (UDT).


  1. Click Cluster > Data in the left navigation pane.

  2. From the list of keyspaces, select a keyspace.

  3. Click the User-Defined Types tab.

  4. Select the defined type to view in the left navigation pane for the keyspace.

    If there are not any user types defined for a keyspace, No user types in keyspace displays in the left navigation pane.

    User-Defined Types view in OpsCenter