Enabling NodeSync validation

Continuously verify data consistency in the background without performing anti-entropy repairs.

By default, NodeSync is disabled when a table is created. It is also disabled on tables that were migrated from earlier versions. To continuously verify data consistency in the background without the need for anti-entropy repairs, enable NodeSync on one or more tables.

Note: Data only needs to be validated if the table is in more than one datacenter or is in a datacenter where the keyspace has a replication factor or 2 or more.


  • Enable on an existing table:
    • Change the NodeSync setting on a single table using CQL syntax:
      ALTER TABLE table_name WITH 
      nodesync={'enabled': 'true'}; 
    • All tables in a keyspace using :
      nodesync enable -v -k keyspace_name "*"
    • A list of tables using :
      nodesync enable keyspace_name.table_name keyspace_name.table_name
  • Create a table with nodesync enabled:
    CREATE TABLE table_name ( column_list ) WITH 
    nodesync={'enabled': 'true'};