Configuring Performance Service replication strategy

Steps to configure the Performance Service replication strategy.

To configure the Performance Service replication strategy, adjust the dse_perf keyspace that stores performance metrics data. Depending on the specific requirements, adjust the replication factor with a keyspace command, such as ALTER KEYSPACE, to prevent potential unavailability of metrics data when nodes are down.

Enabling security

Tables in the dse_perf keyspace that store performance metrics data do not require special handling for user reads and writes. Because DataStax Enterprise uses internal system APIs to write data to these tables, you do not have to create a system user to perform the writes when security is enabled.

  1. To enforce restrictions, enable DSE Unified Authentication and specify appropriate permissions on the tables.
  2. To prevent users from viewing sensitive information like keyspace, table, and user names that are recorded in the performance tables, restrict users from reading the tables.

Setting the replication factor

By default, DataStax Enterprise writes performance metrics data with consistency level ONE and writes are performed asynchronously. If you need to increase the replication factor of performance metrics data, use ALTER KEYSPACE. See .


Set the replication factor based depending on your environment:
  • SimpleStrategy example:
    ALTER KEYSPACE "dse_perf"
      WITH REPLICATION = { 'class' : 'SimpleStrategy', 'replication_factor' : 3 };
  • NetworkTopologyStrategy example:
    ALTER KEYSPACE "dse_perf"
      WITH REPLICATION = {'class' : 'NetworkTopologyStrategy', 'dc1' : 3, 'dc2' : 2};