Specify an edge from a traversal.


Table 1. Legend
Syntax conventions Description
Lowercase and uppercase Literal keyword. Includes ().
Italics Variable value. Replace with a user-defined value.
[] Optional. Square brackets ( [] ) surround optional command arguments. Do not type the square brackets.
{} Group. Braces ( {} ) identify a group to choose from. Do not type the braces.
| Or. A vertical bar ( | ) separates alternative elements. Type any one of the elements. Do not type the vertical bar.
... Repeatable. An ellipsis ( ... ) indicates that you can repeat the syntax element as often as required.


The addE() step is a map/sideEffect. An edge is added from a traversal g using addE between two existing vertices. A previously created edge label must be specified.


Create an edge with an edge label knows between two vertices, stephenSmith and johnDoe. The first two lines assign the already existing vertices to variable names for use in the addE() step.
// Get two users to join with an edge
johnDoe = g.V().has('name','John Doe').next()
stephenSmith = g.V().has('name','Stephen Smith').next()
// Create the edge between Stephen and John