Aborting a job

Abort a pending, running, or an idle job in Lifecycle Manager.

Abort a pending, running, or an idle install, configuration, or import job in Lifecycle Manager. Abort a job that might be taking an excessive time to execute. If a job has hit the idle threshold, the Status column indicates the job is IDLE.


  1. Click Jobs in the Lifecycle Manager navigation menu.
    The Lifecycle Manager: Jobs page appears.

  2. If necessary, use the filter lists to quickly locate the job. Specify your filter criteria in each list and click Filter. Filter by:
    • Clusters: All clusters or a specific cluster.
    • Datacenters: All datacenters or a specific datacenter.
    • Nodes: All nodes or a specific node.
    • Job Type: All Types, Install, Install Agent, Configure, or Import.
  3. Click the details icon in the Actions column to access the details page for a job.
    The details page for the job appears.

  4. Click Abort. The job ends. Aborted jobs display an aborted status.