Key features

DSE OpsCenter offers features to more easily manage DataStax Enterprise clusters.

The key features of OpsCenter include:

Dashboard monitoring

An Overview that shows any alerts and condenses the dashboards of multiple clusters.

A Dashboard that displays an overview of commonly monitored performance metrics.

Ability to add and edit graphs in the dashboard.

Monitoring capabilities of DSE In-Memory tables.

View the Spark console.

Configuration, security, and administration

Basic cluster configuration.

Security options, with the ability to define user roles, authenticate with LDAP, configure SSL, Kerberos, and encrypt sensitive configuration values.

Administration tasks, such as adding a cluster, using simple point-and-click actions.

Multiple cluster management from a single OpsCenter instance using agents.

Automatic failover from the primary OpsCenter to a backup OpsCenter instance.

Rebalance data across a cluster after adding or removing non-virtual nodes.

Manage multiple nodes simultaneously for certain bulk operations.

Downloadable Cluster report.

Generate a diagnostics tarball to send to support for further troubleshooting.


Alert warnings of events and impending issues.

Built-in external notification capabilities and customizable templates.


Metrics are collected every minute from Cassandra, Analytics, and Search nodes, and stored in a keyspace created by OpsCenter.

View historical metrics more than one week in the past.

DataStax Enterprise Management Services
DSE Management Services:
  • Backup Service - allows automatic or manual backup and restore of data in DSE clusters.
  • Repair Service - continuously runs and performs repair operations across a DataStax Enterprise cluster.
  • Capacity Service - understand cluster performance trends at a glance and plan for future capacity with forecasting.
  • Best Practice Service - schedule pre-defined best practice rules that check various properties of clusters and environments.
  • Performance Service - monitor performance metrics and quickly troubleshoot issues with suggested recommendations.
Lifecycle Manager Simplify deploying DataStax Enterprise clusters. Centrally manage cluster, datacenter, and node configuration.