Viewing repair status

View the status, progress, statistics, and complete details of the current Repair Service cycle in the Repair Status tab.

Access the Status Tab for the Repair Service

To access the Repair Status details:
  • Turn the Repair Service on. It immediately activates the Repair Service and opens the Status tab.
  • If you are elsewhere in the monitoring application and the Repair Service is already activated, click Details for the Repair Service. The Repair Status tab displays full details for repair processes.
Tip: Information to fully understand all aspects of repair status are readily available from within the Repair Status tab. Hover over areas of the Status page to view inline information. Click tooltip icons to access short descriptions about an item. Click the Read more links to access the relevant Repair Service documentation.

Monitor repair status

Monitor the progress of incremental and subrange repairs in the Status tab. After turning on the Repair Service, the Repair Service Status is either Active or Paused:
  • When the Repair Service is actively processing repairs, the Repair Service Status indicates Active. The progress graphics and statistics reflect real-time measurements of repairs.
  • The Repair Service Status appears Paused in response to cluster or schema change events.

The repair process performs validation compaction and streams data to and from other nodes in the cluster when synchronizing replicas. Those activities when active are visible in their respective panes.

Repair Service Status tab

Status pane

Indicates whether the Repair Service Status is Active or Paused.

View repair progress and statistics

The progress and statistics pane displays progress bars for subrange and incremental repairs. A pie chart represents Completed, In Progress, and Failed repair tasks thus far. Remaining tasks are not represented in the pie chart; they are represented in the progress bars. The remaining time until the incremental and subrange repairs are completed is indicated underneath each respective progress bar.

Repair Service Status dashboard Progress and Statistics pane

View validation compactions

The Validation Compactions pane displays the progress of any validation compactions per node for both incremental and subrange repairs. In the absence of compaction activity, the No active validation compactions status is displayed.
Note: If repairs are configured for Running validation compaction sequentially, compaction progress is considerably slower, impacting both subrange and incremental repairs.

A validation compaction reads and generates a hash for every row in the stored tables, adds the result to a Merkle tree, and returns the tree to the initiating node as part of the underlying Merkle tree comparison process.

Repair Service Compactions Status

View streaming activity

The Streams pane displays an aggregate of streaming activity progress per node. The streams could be comprised of hundreds of files. When actively streaming data, the nodes from which the streams originate and their target node are shown along with progress bars for each node receiving streamed replica data. Otherwise, the No active streams status is displayed.

Repair Service Streams Status