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Documentation for configuring, upgrading, and deploying DataStax Enterprise, Apache Cassandra, DataStax OpsCenter, CQL, DataStax Drivers, DataStax Studio, and DataStax DevCenter.

DataStax no longer supports the DataStax Community version of Apache Cassandra™ or the DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra.

Documentation for Apache Cassandra 3.0 and Apache Cassandra 2.1 will be maintained until the corresponding DataStax Enterprise versions reach end-of-service-life (EOSL). When you download DataStax Enterprise, you will get the latest version of Cassandra with DataStax enhancements and fixes.

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DataStax Enterprise version-related doc set

DataStax Enterprise 5.0
Latest version

Apache Cassandra™ 3.0
Used by DSE 5.0

CQL 3.3
Used by DSE 5.0

OpsCenter 6.0
Latest version


DataStax Enterprise 4.8
Previous version

Apache Cassandra 2.1
Used by DSE 4.7, 4.8

CQL 3.1
For Cassandra 2.0, 2.1

OpsCenter 5.2
Used by DSE 4.7, 4.8

Latest DataStax Drivers docs for DataStax Enterprise 5.0

Supports new functionality such as DSE Graph and Unified Authentication.

C/C++ driver

Python driver

Version compatibility

C# driver

Java driver

Node.js driver

Ruby driver


Latest DataStax Drivers docs for Apache Cassandra

Compatible with Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise. They do not support all DSE 5.0 functionality.

C/C++ driver

OBDC driver

Version compatibility

C# driver

PHP driver

Java driver

Python driver

Node.js driver

Ruby driver

Upgrade, Studio, and DevCenter

Upgrade Guide for DataStax Enterprise, Apache Cassandra, DSE drivers, and OpsCenter

DataStax Studio
An interactive tool for exploring and visualizing datasets using DSE Graph

DataStax DevCenter
Create and run CQL visually



Playlist tutorial
Create a Java web application for DataStax Enterprise or Apache Cassandra

Kerberos tutorial
Configure DataStax Enterprise as Kerberos clients

Latest Apache Cassandra™ doc set

Apache Cassandra 3.0 (Linux)**
Latest maintenance release

Apache Cassandra 3.x (Linux)**

Apache Cassandra 3.0 (Windows)**

Apache Cassandra 3.x (Windows)**

CQL 3.3
For Cassandra 2.2 and later

Apache Cassandra 2.2 (Linux)**

Apache Cassandra 2.2 (Windows)**

  ** These documents are no longer maintained. See the Documentation maintenance statement.