Changing the IP address of a node

Changing the IP address of a node.

To change the IP address of a node, simply change the IP of node and then restart the DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra (DDAC).


  • The cassandra.yaml file is located in the installation_location/conf directory.


  1. Stop Cassandra.
  2. Replace the old IP address in the cassandra.yaml with the new one.
  3. If the node is a seed node, update the -seeds parameter in the seed_provider list cassandra.yaml file on all nodes.
  4. If the endpoint_snitch is PropertyFileSnitch, add an entry for the new IP address in the file on all nodes.
    Note: Do NOT remove the entry for the old IP address.
  5. Update the DNS and the local host IP settings.
  6. Start Cassandra on the local host.
  7. If the using the PropertyFileSnitch, then perform a rolling restart.