Using jconsole (JMX) with SSL encryption

Using jconsole with SSL encryption.

Using jconsole with SSL requires the same JMX changes to as with nodetool. See using nodetool (JMX) with SSL encryption. You do not need to create, but you must use the same JVM keystore and truststore options on the Jconsole command line.


Prepare SSL certificates with a self-signed CA for production, or prepare SSL certificates for development. Additionally, configure client-to-node encryption.


  1. Copy the keystore and truststore files created in the prerequisite to the system where jconsole is launched. In this example, the files are server-keystore.jks and server-truststore.jks.
  2. Run jconsole using the JVM options:

    If no errors occur, jconsole launches a session with the node. If connecting to a remote node, enter the hostname and JMX port in Remote Process. If using authentication, enter the username and password.