Feature Compatibility

  • Cassandra 2.0+ is required for parameterized queries, prepared statements, paging, and batches. Cassandra 1.2 does NOT support these features.
  • Cassandra 2.1+ is required for nested collections, UDTs, tuples, and client-side timestamps. Cassandra 1.2 and 2.0 do NOT support these features.

Datatypes Mapping

Driver Cassandra Supported Versions
cass_int32_t int 1.2+
cass_int64_t bigint, counter, timestamp 1.2+
cass_float_t float 1.2+
cass_double_t double 1.2+
cass_boot_t boolean 1.2+
const char* ascii, text, varchar 1.2+
const cass_byte_t* blob, varint 1.2+
CassUuid uuid, timeuuid 1.2+
CassInet inet 1.2+
const cass_byte_t* (varint) and a cass_int32_t (scale) decimal 1.2+
CassCollection list, map, set 1.2+
CassTuple tuple 2.1+
CassUserType type 2.1+