Tuples are fixed-length sets of values. They are similar to UDTs in that they can contain different types of values, but unlike UDTs tuples can only be accessed by position and not by name.

Creating a Tuple

Creating a CassTuple is done by allocating a new tuple object with the number of items that will be contained in it. Items can the be set in the tuple using their position.

/* The number of items must be set properly */
CassTuple* tuple = cass_tuple_new(2);

/* Items are set by position */
cass_tuple_set_string(tuple, 0, "abc");
cass_tuple_set_int64(tuple, 1, 123);

/* ... */

/* Tuples must be freed */

Create a Tuple using a Data Type

A tuple can also be created using a [CassDataType] that comes from schema metadata or is manually constructed. However, this is not step necessary as a tuple can be created without a data type. A typed tuple will not allow invalid type to be added to it. cass_tuple_set_*() functions will return an error code if the incorrect type is added to a position.

/* Creata new tuple data type */
CassDataType* data_type = cass_data_type_new_tuple(2);

/* Add a string at position 0 and an 64-bit integer at position 1 */
cass_data_type_add_sub_value_type(data_type, CASS_VALUE_TYPE_TEXT);
cass_data_type_add_sub_value_type(data_type, CASS_VALUE_TYPE_BIGINT);

/* Create a new tuple using data type */
CassTuple* tuple = cass_tuple_new_from_data_type(data_type);

/* This will now return an error because the data type of the first item is
 * a string not an integer
CassError rc = cass_tuple_set_int32(tuple, 0, 123);

assert(rc != CASS_OK);

/* These are the correct types */
cass_tuple_set_string(tuple, 0, "abc");
cass_tuple_set_int64(tuple, 1, 123);

/* ... */

/* Constructed data types must be freed */

/* Tuples must be freed */

Consuming values from a Tuple result

CassTuples are consumed using an iterator.

/* Retrieve tuple value from column */
const CassValue* tuple_value = cass_row_get_column_by_name(row, "value1");

/* Create an iterator for the UDT value */
CassIterator* tuple_iterator = cass_iterator_from_tuple(tuple_value);

/* Iterate over the tuple fields */
while (cass_iterator_next(tuple_iterator)) {
  const char* field_name;
  size_t field_name_length;
  /* Get tuple value */
  const CassValue* value = cass_iterator_get_value(item);

  /* ... */

/* The tuple iterator needs to be freed */