Unit Testing

The unit tests do not require any additional setup or configuration. Simply run the cassandra_unit_tests executable. Unit tests are used to ensure the functionality of internal components and don’t require an instance of Cassandra to be running.

Integration Testing

The integration tests require a machine (local or remote) with Secure Shell (SSH) capabilities; either physical machine or Virtual Machine (VM). These tests rely on Cassandra Cluster Manager (CCM) and cannot run successfully if this dependency is not met. Once the configuration has been completed the integration tests can be run by executing the cassandra_integration_tests executable. Integration tests are used to ensure the functionality of the driver’s API and/or the interaction of multiple internal components.

Running Tests Individually

Running the integration test executable without any arguments will start all of the integration tests in sequence (one after another). The Boost Test framework with which the integration and unit tests are compiled come with a filter argument that allow for individual test execution. Using the --run_test argument supplying the test suite and case will execute a single test.


The example below shows how to execute the simple test case in the async test suite.

cassandra_integration_tests --run_test=async/simple

To run all of the test cases in the async suite wildcards can be used in conjunction with the run_test argument

cassandra_integration_tests --run_test=async/*