Performance metrics and diagnostic information can be obtained from the C/C++ driver using cass_session_get_metrics(). The resulting CassMetrics object contains several useful metrics for accessing request performance and/or debugging issues.

CassSession* session = cass_session_new();

/* Connect session */

CassMetrics metrics;

/* Get a snapshot of the driver's metrics */
cass_session_get_metrics(session, &metrics);

/* Run queries */


Request metrics

The requests field contains information about request latency and throughput. All latency times are in microseconds and throughput numbers are in requests per seconds.


The stats field contains information about the total number of connections.


The errors field contains information about the occurrence of requests and connection timeouts. Request timeouts occur when a request fails to get a timely response (default: 12 seconds). Pending request timeouts occur whens a request waits too long to be serviced by an assigned host. This can occur when too many requests are in-flight for a single host. Connection timeouts occur when the process of establishing new connections is unresponsive (default: 5 seconds).