Connecting to DataStax Astra


Use the DseClusterBuilder.WithCloudSecureConnectionBundle(string path) method to connect to your DataStax Astra database using your secure connection bundle (

Also, use DseClusterBuilder.WithCredentials(string username, string password) to provide your CQL credentials.

Here is an example of the minimum configuration needed to connect to your DataStax Astra database using the secure connection bundle:

var session = 
           .WithCredentials("user_name", "password")

Supported platforms

DataStax Astra support on .NET Core requires .NET Core Runtime 2.1 or later.

For the remaining platforms supported by the driver, there is no additional requirement.

Configurable settings when using a secure connection bundle

The following methods will throw an error when .Build() is called if the secure connection bundle is used:

  • DseClusterBuilder.WithSSL(...)
  • DseClusterBuilder.AddContactPoint(...) and DseClusterBuilder.AddContactPoints(...)

Every other method in the DseClusterBuilder class will have the same effect whether you are using a secure connection bundle or not.