Geospatial types

DataStax Enterprise 5 comes with a set of additional types to represent geospatial data:

  • PointType
  • LineStringType
  • PolygonType
cqlsh> CREATE TABLE points_of_interest(name text PRIMARY KEY, coords 'PointType');
cqlsh> INSERT INTO points_of_interest (name, coords) VALUES ('Eiffel Tower', 'POINT(48.8582 2.2945)');

The DSE driver includes C# representations of these types in the Dse.Geometry namespace that can be used directly as parameters in queries. All C# geospatial types implement ToString(), that returns the string representation in Well-known text format.

using Dse.Geometry;
Row row = session.Execute("SELECT coords FROM points_of_interest WHERE name = 'Eiffel Tower'").First();
Point coords = row.GetValue<Point>("coords");

var statement = new SimpleStatement("INSERT INTO points_of_interest (name, coords) VALUES (?, ?)",
    "Washington Monument", 
    new Point(38.8895, 77.0352));