Upgrading from the DSE Driver

This guide is intended for users of the DSE driver that plan to migrate to this driver, i.e., CassandraCSharpDriver.

This driver now supports all DataStax products and features, such as Unified Authentication, Kerberos, geo types and graph traversal executions, allowing you to use a single driver for Apache Cassandra, DSE or other DataStax products.

Changes to default settings

The default retry policy in DseClusterBuilder was new IdempotencyAwareRetryPolicy(new DefaultRetryPolicy()). With Builder the default is new DefaultRetryPolicy().

Removed classes and interfaces

DseLoadBalancingPolicy is now DefaultLoadBalancingPolicy. This is the new default load balancing policy in this driver. The behavior is the same as the previous default policy except for some DSE specific workloads so there is no impact for existing applications.

DseLoadBalancingPolicy.CreateDefault has been replaced by Policies.DefaultLoadBalancingPolicy and Policies.NewDefaultLoadBalancingPolicy.

It is no longer possible to pass a custom child policy to DefaultLoadBalancingPolicy like it was possible with DseLoadBalancingPolicy on the DSE driver.

DseClusterBuilder has been removed. These builder methods were moved to Builder. Note that DseClusterBuilder.WithCredentials added an instance of DsePlainTextAuthenticator but Builder.WithCredentials adds an instance of PlainTextAuthenticator. If you wish to use DsePlainTextAuthenticator you need to use another builder method: Builder.WithAuthProvider(new DsePlainTextAuthenticator(username, password)).

DseConfiguration has been removed. These class properties were moved to Configuration.

IDseSession/DseSession has been removed. ExecuteGraph and ExecuteGraphAsync methods were moved to ISession/Session.

IDseCluster/DseCluster have been removed. Use ICluster/Cluster instead.

The namespaces associated with Auth, Graph and Search were moved:

Dse namespace Cassandra namespace
Dse.Auth Cassandra.DataStax.Auth
Dse.Graph Cassandra.DataStax.Graph
Dse.Search Cassandra.DataStax.Search