Frequently Asked Questions

Which versions of DSE does the driver support?

The driver supports versions from 4.8 to 5 of DataStax Enterprise.

How can I upgrade from the Cassandra driver to the DSE driver?

There is a section in the Getting Started page.

Where can I find more tutorials or documentation?

All the functionality present in the Cassandra driver is available on the DSE driver, any tutorial or documentation that references the DataStax C# driver for Apache Cassandra also applies to this driver.

Can I use a single IDseCluster and IDseSession instance for graph and CQL?

It’s currently not recommended, as different different workloads should be distributed across different datacenters and the load balancing policy should select the appropriate coordinator for each workload. We are planning to introduce execution profiles, that will allow you to use the same IDseSession instance for all workloads.

Should I dispose or shut down IDseCluster or IDseSession instances after executing a query?

No, only call cluster.Shutdown() once in your application’s lifetime, normally when you shutdown your application.