This is the documentation for the DataStax Enterprise C# Driver for DSE. This driver is built on top of the DataStax C# driver for Apache Cassandra and enhanced for the adaptive data management and mixed workload capabilities provided by DataStax Enterprise. Therefore a lot of the underlying concepts are the same and to keep this documentation focused we will be linking to the relevant sections of the DataStax C# driver for Apache Cassandra documentation where necessary.

Getting started

Getting started with the DataStax Enterprise C# Driver.


Get it on Nuget

PM> Install-Package Dse

Upgrading from the core driver

To Upgrade from CassandraCSharpDriver to Dse, add the namespace with the using directive.

using Dse;

And create IDseCluster and IDseSession instances.

IDseCluster cluster = DseCluster.Builder()
IDseSession session = cluster.Connect();

Execute CQL queries

IDseSession extends the core driver counterpart ISession, so you can use IDseSession instances to execute CQL queries.

RowSet rs = session.Execute("select * from system.local");

Execute Graph queries

Additionally, IDseSession exposes graph-specific methods.

GraphResultSet rs = session.ExecuteGraph(new SimpleGraphStatement("g.V()"));