• [bug] JAVA-1953: Allow Distance to be Serializable.


  • [bug] JAVA-1744: Fix SearchPredicate phrase and tokenize bugs.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1749: Make SASL properties configurable in DseGSSAPIAuthProvider.


  • [bug] JAVA-1730: Reset connection auto-read on cancel or completion of Continuous Paging request.


  • [bug] JAVA-1447: Avoid NPE when checking GraphNode type.
  • [documentation] JAVA-1451: Apache TinkerPop client integration doc updates.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1452: Provide external links to Apache TinkerPop in javadoc.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1453: Change call to TinkerIoRegistry#instance() to the backward compatible one.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1427: DseGSSAPIAuthProvider should provide method for existing Subject.
  • [documentation] JAVA-1331: “g not defined” graph error topic in FAQ.
  • [bug] JAVA-1432: Check null results in Row-to-TinkerPop/GraphSON2 function.


  • [bug] JAVA-1433: Remove infinite recursion in Graph elements toString().

Merged from OSS 3.x:

  • [new feature] JAVA-1174: Add ifNotExists option to mapper.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1414: Optimize Metadata.escapeId and Metadata.handleId.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1310: Make mapper’s ignored properties configurable.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1316: Add strategy for resolving properties into CQL names.
  • [bug] JAVA-1429: Prevent heartbeats until connection is fully initialized.


  • [improvement] Add integration tests for graph predicates.
  • [improvement] Add code examples for proxy auth and graph.


  • [bug] JAVA-1424: Handle new WRITE_FAILURE and READ_FAILURE format in DSE v1 protocol.


  • [bug] JAVA-1421: Use Optimal string alignment distance algorithm for fuzzy predicates.


  • [improvement] JAVA-1416: Use haversine distance in Geo predicates.

Merged from OSS 3.x:

  • [bug] JAVA-1415: Correctly report if a UDT column is frozen.
  • [bug] JAVA-1418: Make Guava version detection more reliable.


  • revert JAVA-1241 (go back to Netty 4.0)


  • [bug] JAVA-1406: Handle unprepared error in continuous paging.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1409: Upgrade to tinkerpop 3.2.4.

Merged from OSS 3.x:

  • [new feature] JAVA-1364: Enable creation of SSLHandler with remote address information.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1308: CodecRegistry performance improvements.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1241: Upgrade Netty to 4.1.x.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1287: Add CDC to TableOptionsMetadata and Schema Builder.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1392: Reduce lock contention in RPTokenFactory.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1328: Provide compatibility with Guava 20.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1247: Disable idempotence warnings.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1286: Support setting and retrieving udt fields in QueryBuilder.
  • [bug] JAVA-1404: Fix min token handling in TokenRange.contains.


  • [bug] JAVA-1390: Preserve original error when a continuous paging query times out on the client.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1391: Fail if batch children use proxy auth.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1319: Add support for DSE DateRangeType.

Merged from OSS 3.1.x:

  • [bug] JAVA-1313: Copy SerialConsistencyLevel to PreparedStatement.
  • [documentation] JAVA-1334: Clarify documentation of method addContactPoints.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1357: Document that getReplicas only returns replicas of the last token in range.

Cherry-picked from OSS 3.x:

  • [new feature] JAVA-1362: Send query options flags as [int] for Protocol V5+.
  • [bug] JAVA-1397: Handle duration as native datatype in protocol v5+.


  • [bug] JAVA-1374: Reintroduce Geo.inside(V).
  • [improvement] JAVA-1372: Expose routing token instead of range.
  • [new feature] JAVA-1381: Add Units to Geo.inside() predicates.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1375: Improve error management for continuous queries
  • [bug] JAVA-1383: Add java-dse-graph and dependencies to tarball.

Merged from OSS 3.1.x:

  • [bug] JAVA-1371: Reintroduce connection pool timeout.

Cherry-picked from OSS 3.x:

  • [new feature] JAVA-1248: Implement “beta” flag for native protocol v5.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1367: Make protocol negotiation more resilient.


  • [new feature] JAVA-1347: Add support for duration type.
  • [bug] JAVA-1358: Add getCenter/getRadius to Distance.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1354: Expose workload set from DSE node metadata.
  • [new feature] JAVA-1343: Add Time() and Date() types for Graph.
  • [new feature] JAVA-1338: Add new fuzzy/tokenFuzzy and phrase predicates in Graph.


  • [improvement] JAVA-1335: Show Row-Level Access Control in DSE CQL metadata.
  • [bug] JAVA-1330: Add un/register for SchemaChangeListener in DelegatingCluster
  • [bug] JAVA-1351: Include Custom Payload in Request.copy.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1264: Provide support for ProxyAuthentication.
  • [bug] JAVA-1341: Handle null row in GraphSON 2.0 results


  • [improvement] JAVA-1250: Provide a Fluent API for DSE Graph.


  • [improvement] JAVA-1251: Update to depend on cassandra-driver-core 3.1.0.


  • [improvement] JAVA-1222: Add GraphStatement.setIdempotent.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1225: Log warnings about the new retry policy behavior.
  • [bug] JAVA-1230: Force Well-Known Binary encoding to little-endian.


  • [bug] JAVA-1183: Change default traversal source to ‘g’.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1081: Vertex Properties don’t handle multiple cardinality / rich properties.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1146: Graph module serde improvements.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1125: Improvements to Path class.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1066: Enable per-GraphStatement and GraphOptions socket timeouts.


  • [new feature] JAVA-1098: Route graph analytics queries to the Spark master.
  • [bug] JAVA-1076: Handle WKT ‘EMPTY’ keyword in Geospatial types.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1106: Remove Circle type.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1129: Don’t expose graph alias in user API.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1104: Expose methods to set CLs and Timestamp on GraphStatement.


  • [new feature] JAVA-1107: add Geometry#contains().


  • [new feature] JAVA-1080: Expose automatic inference of GraphResult.


  • [new feature] JAVA-1022: Geospatial types.
  • [new feature] JAVA-864: Initial graph integration.
  • [improvement] JAVA-1024: Allow overriding of default JAAS login configuration.