DataStax Enterprise Java driver

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A modern, feature-rich and highly tunable Java client library for DataStax Enterprise, built on top of the robust, efficient and highly configurable DataStax Java driver for Apache Cassandra®. The DataStax Enterprise Java driver is open source and can only be used with DataStax Enterprise as per its license.


The driver architecture is based on layers. At the bottom lies the driver core. This core handles everything related to the connections to a DataStax Enterprise cluster (for example, connection pool, discovering new nodes, etc.) and exposes a simple, relatively low-level API on top of which higher level layers can be built.

The driver contains the following modules:

  • driver-core: the core layer.
  • driver-mapping: the object mapper.
  • driver-extras: optional features for the Java driver.
  • driver-examples: example applications using the other modules which are only meant for demonstration purposes.
  • driver-tests: tests for the java-driver.
  • driver-graph: the DSE graph and Tinkerpop compatibility module.

Useful links:

Getting the driver

The driver is available from Maven central:



The DataStax Enterprise Java driver is currently tested and supported against DataStax Enterprise 4.8+.

The DSE Graph module is only usable against DSE 5.0+.

Disclaimer: Some DataStax/DataStax Enterprise products might partially work on big-endian systems, but DataStax does not officially support these systems.

Upgrading from previous versions

If you are upgrading from a previous version of the driver, be sure to have a look at the upgrade guide.

The DSE Java Driver is a drop-in replacement of the Java driver for Apache Cassandra and does not require a large adaptation effort to upgrade from the Java driver for Apache Cassandra. For more information see the FAQ.


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