• [new feature] JAVA-2201: Expose a public API for programmatic config
  • [new feature] JAVA-2205: Expose public factory methods for alternative config loaders
  • [improvement] JAVA-2197: Skip deployment of integration tests to Maven central


  • [documentation] JAVA-2188: Document DSE load balancing policy
  • [improvement] JAVA-2192: Don’t return generic types with wildcards
  • [bug] JAVA-2166: Use programmatic local datacenter in DSE LBP
  • [improvement] JAVA-2018: Check backward compatibility with Revapi
  • [improvement] JAVA-2190: Use @CheckReturnValue in DSE-specific types
  • [bug] JAVA-2185: Handle DOWN nodes in DseLoadBalancingPolicy.init
  • [documentation] JAVA-2068: Add documentation for the reactive request processor
  • [improvement] JAVA-2156: Don’t have ContinuousReactiveSession extend ReactiveSession


  • [improvement] JAVA-2152: Drop “Dsl” suffix from query builder main classes
  • [bug] JAVA-2087: Reactive execution of CAS request throws IllegalStateException
  • [improvement] JAVA-2133: Revisit function and aggregate statements in SchemaBuilderDsl
  • [improvement] JAVA-2130: Create DseQueryBuilderDsl
  • [improvement] JAVA-2121: Expose query metadata in reactive result sets
  • [improvement] JAVA-2067: Publish javadocs JAR for the shaded module
  • [new feature] JAVA-1993: Consider supporting sets in GraphNode


  • [new feature] JAVA-2065: Support virtual tables (aka system views)
  • [new feature] JAVA-1703: Reactive request processor
  • [bug] JAVA-2019: Allow config file loading from system properties
  • [new feature] JAVA-1997: Generate distribution tarball


  • [improvement] JAVA-1985: Revisit auth provider options to follow existing conventions
  • [new feature] JAVA-1705: Add graph request processor
  • [improvement] JAVA-1984: Remove pre-fetching from ContinuousResultSet API
  • [new feature] JAVA-1699: Create default load balancing policy for DSE driver 2
  • [new feature] JAVA-1959: Support proxy authentication
  • [improvement] JAVA-1962: Expose DseSession.DSE_DRIVER_COORDINATES and log driver version on first use
  • [bug] JAVA-1831: Revisit configuration inheritance
  • [new feature] JAVA-1954: Honor Node targeting for continuous queries
  • [improvement] JAVA-1957: Revisit GeoTypes API
  • [new feature] JAVA-1932: Add DSE-specific options to Startup message
  • [new feature] JAVA-1704: Add continuous paging processor
  • [new feature] JAVA-1782: Add DETERMINISTIC and MONOTONIC Clauses for Function and Aggregate
  • [new feature] JAVA-1882: Create DateRange type
  • [improvement] JAVA-1804: Use concurrency annotations
  • [improvement] JAVA-1915: Expose DSE-specific subtypes for schema metadata
  • [improvement] JAVA-1766: Revisit nullability
  • [improvement] JAVA-1787: Use standalone shaded Guava artifact
  • [new feature] JAVA-1702: Add DSE authenticators
  • [new feature] JAVA-1696: Plug in DSE-specific protocol versions
  • [improvement] JAVA-1697: Expose DSE-specific node properties
  • [improvement] JAVA-1701: Create GeoTypes
  • [improvement] JAVA-1708: Add support for org.apache.cassandra.location.EverywhereStrategy
  • [improvement] JAVA-1707: Run java-driver-integration-tests with integration tests
  • [new feature] JAVA-1698: Create reference.conf
  • [new feature] JAVA-1700: Create custom RequestProcessorRegistry
  • [new feature] JAVA-1695: Create cluster and session wrappers