DSE core driver

The DSE core module handles cluster connectivity and request execution. It is published under the following coordinates:


Quick start

If you’ve used the OSS driver before, initializing the DSE driver should look very familiar. Here is our canonical example to connect to DSE and execute a CQL query:

import com.datastax.dse.driver.api.core.DseSession;
import com.datastax.oss.driver.api.core.cql.*;

try (DseSession session = DseSession.builder().build()) {
  ResultSet rs = session.execute("select release_version from system.local");
  Row row = rs.one();

DseSession extends CqlSession, meaning that the DSE driver can execute any regular CQL query. The session builder also extends its CQL counterpart, with a few extra methods to send additional monitoring information; see DseSessionBuilder.