Schema builder

The schema builder is an additional API provided by java-driver-query-builder that enables one to generate CQL DDL queries programmatically*. For example it could be used to:

  • based on application configuration, generate schema queries instead of building CQL strings by hand.
  • given a Java class that represents a table, view, or user defined type, generate representative schema DDL CREATE queries.

Here is an example that demonstrates creating a keyspace and a table using SchemaBuilder:

import static com.datastax.oss.driver.api.querybuilder.SchemaBuilder.*;

try (CqlSession session = CqlSession.builder().build()) {
  CreateKeyspace createKs = createKeyspace("cycling").withSimpleStrategy(1);

  CreateTable createTable =
      createTable("cycling", "cyclist_name")
          .withPartitionKey("id", DataTypes.UUID)
          .withColumn("lastname", DataTypes.TEXT)
          .withColumn("firstname", DataTypes.TEXT);


The general concepts and non goals defined for the query builder also apply for the schema builder.

Building DDL Queries

The schema builder offers functionality for creating, altering and dropping elements of a CQL schema. For a complete tour of the API, browse the child pages in the manual for each schema element type: