Geospatial types

DataStax Enterprise comes with a set of additional CQL types to represent geospatial data:

  • PointType
  • LineStringType
  • PolygonType.
cqlsh> CREATE TABLE points_of_interest(name text PRIMARY KEY, coords 'PointType');
cqlsh> INSERT INTO points_of_interest (name, coords) VALUES ('Eiffel Tower', 'POINT(48.8582 2.2945)');

The driver includes encoders and representations of these types in the geometry module that can be used directly as parameters in queries. All Javascript geospatial types implement toString(), that returns the string representation in Well-known text format, and toJSON(), that returns the JSON representation in GeoJSON format.


const cassandra = require('cassandra-driver');
const Point = cassandra.geometry.Point;
const insertQuery = 'INSERT INTO points_of_interest (name, coords) VALUES (?, ?)';
const selectQuery = 'SELECT coords FROM points_of_interest WHERE name = ?';

await client.execute(insertQuery, [ 'Eiffel Tower', new Point(48.8582, 2.2945) ]);
const result = await client.execute(selectQuery, [ 'Eiffel Tower' ]);
const row = result.first();
const point = row['coords'];
console.log(point instanceof Point); // true
console.log('x: %d, y: %d', point.x, point.y); // x: 48.8582, y: 2.2945
console.log(point.toString()); // 'POINT (48.8582 2.2945)'