Request execution options.

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( array $options = null )

Creates a new options object for execution.

  • array[‘arguments’] array An array or positional or named arguments
  • array[‘consistency’] int One of Cassandra::CONSISTENCY_*
  • array[‘timeout’] int|null A number of seconds or null
  • array[‘page_size’] int A number of rows to include in result for paging
  • array[‘paging_state_token’] string A string token use to resume from the state of a previous result set
  • array[‘retry_policy’] Cassandra\RetryPolicy A retry policy that is used to handle server-side failures for this request
  • array[‘serial_consistency’] int Either Cassandra::CONSISTENCY_SERIAL or Cassandra::CONSISTENCY_LOCAL_SERIAL
  • array[‘timestamp’] int|string Either an integer or integer string timestamp that represents the number of microseconds since the epoch.
Name Type Details
$options array

various execution options

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