To connect to a DataStax Astra cluster:

  1. Download the secure connect bundle from your Astra account.

  2. Connect to your cluster with

from cassandra.cluster import Cluster
from cassandra.auth import PlainTextAuthProvider

cloud_config = {
    'secure_connect_bundle': '/path/to/'
auth_provider = PlainTextAuthProvider(username='user', password='pass')
cluster = Cluster(cloud=cloud_config, auth_provider=auth_provider)
session = cluster.connect()

Astra Differences

In most circumstances, the client code for interacting with an Astra cluster will be the same as interacting with any other Cassandra cluster. The exceptions being:

  • A cloud configuration must be passed to a Cluster instance via the cloud attribute (as demonstrated above).

  • An SSL connection will be established automatically. Manual SSL configuration is not allowed, and using ssl_context or ssl_options will result in an exception.

  • A Cluster’s contact_points attribute should not be used. The cloud config contains all of the necessary contact information.

  • If a consistency level is not specified for an execution profile or query, then ConsistencyLevel.LOCAL_QUORUM will be used as the default.


Event loops

Evenlet isn’t yet supported for python 3.7+ due to an issue in Eventlet.