DataStax Enterprise Python Graph Extension

This is the documentation for the DataStax Enterprise Python Graph Extension. This extension is built on top of the DataStax Enterprise Python driver and adds graph features, like executing TinkerPop traversals on DSE. Here are the main features of the extension:

  • A TinkerPop GraphTraversalSource builder to execute traversals on DSE

  • The ability to execution traversal queries explicitly, like other DSE requests work

  • GraphSON serializers for DSE Graph types.

  • DSE Search predicates



How to install the extension.

Getting Started

First steps of connecting to DSE and executing traversal queries.


Working with DSE Search.

API Documentation

The API documentation.


Log of changes to the driver, organized by version.


Please report any bugs and make any feature requests on the JIRA issue tracker. You may also engage DataStax support with any issues or feedback.