Auth provider to authenticate with Kerberos. Whenever the client connects to a DSE node, this provider will perform Kerberos authentication operations with it. By default, the provider takes the ip address of the node and uses Socket#getnameinfo to find its name in order to construct the full service address (e.g. service@host).

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(service = ‘dse’, host_resolver = true, principal = nil, ticket_cache = nil)

Returns a new instance of GssApi

Name Type Details
service String (defaults to: 'dse') name of the kerberos service; defaults to ‘dse’.
host_resolver (Boolean or Object) (defaults to: true) whether to use a host-resolver. By default, Socket#getnameinfo is used. To disable host-resolution, specify a false value. You may also provide a custom resolver, which is an object that implements the resolve(host_ip) method.
principal String (defaults to: nil) The principal whose cached credentials are used to authenticate. Defaults to the first principal stored in the ticket cache.
ticket_cache String (defaults to: nil) The ticket cache containing the cached credential we seek. Defaults on Linux to /tmp/krb5cc_<uid> (where uid is the numeric uid of the user running the client program). In MRI only, the KRB5CCNAME environment variable supercedes this. On Mac, the default is a symbolic reference to a ticket-cache server process.