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Dse.Graph Namespace

The Dse.Graph namespace contains classes for accessing graph data from DSE clusters.
Public classEdge
Represents an edge in DSE graph.
Public classElement
Base class for vertices and edges
Public classGraphNode
Represents an item of a graph query result, it can be a vertex, an edge, a path or an scalar value.
Public classGraphOptions
The default graph options to use for a DSE cluster.

These options will be used for all graph statements sent to the cluster, unless they have been explicitly overridden at the statement level.

Public classGraphResultSet
Represents the result set containing the Graph nodes returned from a query.
Public classGraphStatement
Base class for graph statements.
Public classPath
Represents a walk through a graph as defined by a traversal.
Public classSimpleGraphStatement
Represents a graph query.
Public classVertex
Represents a vertex in DSE graph.
Public interfaceIEdge
Represents an edge in DSE graph.
Public interfaceIElement
Represents an element in DSE Graph.
Public interfaceIGraphNode
Public interfaceIGraphStatement
Represents a graph statement.
Public interfaceIPath
Represents a walk through a graph as defined by a traversal.
Public interfaceIProperty
Represents a property in DSE Graph.
Public interfaceIVertex
Represents a Vertex in DSE Graph.
Public interfaceIVertexProperty
Represents a vertex property in DSE Graph.

Vertex properties are special because they are also elements, and thus have an identifier; they can also contain properties of their own (usually referred to as "meta properties").