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Dse.Mapping Namespace

The Dse.Mapping namespace contains classes for representing mappings between CLR types and CQL types.
Public classAppliedInfoT
When using Lightweight transactions, it provides information whether the change was applied or not.
Public classColumnMap
A class for defining how a property or field on a POCO is mapped to a column via a fluent-style interface.
Public classCql
Represents a CQL statement and its arguments.
Public classCqlQueryOptions
Represents options available on a per-query basis.
Public classMapTPoco
A class for defining how to map a POCO via a fluent-style interface. The mapping for Type T should be defined in the constructor of the sub class.
Public classMapper
The default CQL client implementation which uses the DataStax driver ISession provided in the constructor for running queries against a Cassandra cluster.
Public classMappingConfiguration
Stores the mapping definitions to be used by the Mapper and Linq components.
Public classMappings
Public interfaceIColumnDefinition
A definition for how a property/field maps to a POCO.
Public interfaceICqlBatch
Represents a batch of CQL statements. Use the write methods (Insert, Update, Delete, etc.) to add statements to the batch.
Public interfaceICqlQueryAsyncClient
A client capable of querying (reading) POCOs from a Cassandra cluster.
Public interfaceICqlQueryClient
The contract for synchronous read operations.
Public interfaceICqlWriteAsyncClient
The contract for Async write operations.
Public interfaceICqlWriteClient
The contract for synchronous write operations.
Public interfaceIMapper
A client for creating, updating, deleting, and reading POCOs from a Cassandra cluster.
Public interfaceIPageT
Represents the result of a paged query, returned by manually paged query executions.
Public interfaceITypeDefinition
A definition for how to map a POCO.
Public enumerationSortOrder
Specifies sort order