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Dse.Metrics.Abstractions Namespace

The Dse.Metrics.Abstractions namespace contains the provider interfaces that a metrics provider must implement.
Public interfaceIDriverCounter
Represents a metric of type Counter.
Public interfaceIDriverGauge
Represents a metric of type Gauge.
Public interfaceIDriverMeter
Represents a metric of type Meter.
Public interfaceIDriverMetric
Represents an individual metric. Every metric type implements this interface: IDriverGauge, IDriverMetric, IDriverTimer, IDriverCounter.
Public interfaceIDriverMetricsProvider
Provides metric implementations.
Public interfaceIDriverTimer
A IDriverTimer is a combination of a Histogram and a IDriverMeter allowing us to measure the duration of a type of event, the rate of its occurrence and provide duration statistics, for example tracking the time it takes to execute a particular CQL request.