DataStax Apache Kafka Connector release notes

Release notes for DataStax Apache Kafka Connector.

Release notes for DataStax Apache Kafka™ Connector.

For DSE release notes, see DataStax Enterprise 6.7 release notes.

DataStax Apache Kafka Connector 1.0 release notes

5 December 2018

The latest version of DataStax Apache Kafka Connector is 1.0.0.

DataStax Apache Kafka Connector 1.0 includes these features and enhancements:
  • JSON, Avro, Struct, Primitive Types mapping support. (KAF-1, KAF-3, KAF-7)
  • DSE data types support. (KAF-4)
  • Configurable row TTL. (KAF-6)
  • Configurable consistency level. (KAF-9)
  • Treat nulls as unset. (KAF-11)
  • Support multiple topics for single connector instance. (KAF-14)
  • Report metrics via JMX. (KAF-15)
  • Configurable max request rate with maxConcurrentRequests. (KAF-16)
  • Connector to DSE SSL. (KAF-18)
  • Connector to DSE username/password authentication. (KAF-19)
  • Connector to DSE Kerberos authentication. (KAF-20)
  • Configurable deletes. (KAF-21)
  • Configurable date/time formats. (KAF-26)
  • Mapping single topic to multiple DSE tables. (KAF-43)
  • Connector to DSE compression. (KAF-45)
  • Configurable connector to DSE execution timeout with queryExecutionTimeout. (KAF-49)
  • Configurable max statements per batch with maxNumberOfRecordsInBatch. (KAF-60)
  • Configurable connections per DSE host with connectionPoolLocalSize. (KAF-95)