Internal or LDAP authentication

When the cluster has internal or LDAP authentication enabled, configure the user name and password settings for DataStax Apache Pulsar™ Connector. A login role for the connector with access to the mapped tables is also required.


  provider: DSE
  username: login_role
  password: password

Select the type of authentication provider configured for the DataStax cluster.

  • None - No authentication.

  • DSE - Internal or LDAP authentication.

  • GSSAPI - Supports SASL authentication to DSE clusters using the GSSAPI mechanism \(Kerberos authentication\)

    When using GSSAPI, the Pulsar Connect process requires that the Kerberos configuration file krb5.conf location is provided in the system property at startup. See Using internal or LDAP authentication.

    Default: None


DSE login role name or LDAP username.Astra database username.

When [authorization is enabled](https://docs.datastax.comen/dse/6.8//dse-admin/datastax_enterprise/config/configDseYaml.html#configDseYaml__authorizationOptions), the DataStax connector login role must have a minimum of modify privileges on tables receiving data from the DataStax Apache Pulsar™ Connector.

Login role or LDAP password.Astra database password for the specified username.

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