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Configuring Kerberos with DataStax Enterprise
Enabling Kerberos authentication in DataStax Enterprise.
Setting up your environment
Configure your environment to begin enabling Kerberos authentication with DataStax Enterprise.
Adding Kerberos service principals for each node in a cluster
Add Kerberos principals for the DSE services on each node in your cluster.
Configuring DataStax Enterprise for Kerberos authentication
Add the options to the DSE configuration files to enable Kerberos authentication.
Test Kerberos authentication with cqlsh
Confirm that Kerberos authentication is working correctly by configuring and using cqlsh
Configuring OpsCenter for Kerberos authentication
OpsCenter can use Kerberos to authenticate to DataStax Enterprise clusters. If a DataStax Enterprise cluster uses Kerberos authentication, create and configure the OpsCenter principals before adding the cluster to OpsCenter.