Astra CLI

The DataStax Astra Command-Line Interface (Astra CLI) is a set of commands used to create and manage Astra resources. Astra CLI is available across Astra services and is designed to get you working quickly with Astra DB and Astra Streaming, with an emphasis on automation.

Astra CLI makes it possible to submit commands instead of or in addition to using Astra Portal and DataStax API calls.

Astra CLI features are for operators, Site Reliability Engineers (SREs), and developers who want the option of using commands when working with Astra DB databases and Astra Streaming tenants. The tools should be complementary and not restrictive, so choose what tool works best for you.

Astra CLI is free.

Any user with the Organization Administrator role may use Astra CLI commands with:

  • Astra DB Serverless databases

  • Astra DB Classic databases

  • Astra Streaming tenants

Get started with the links below.

Installing and getting started

Managing Astra Streaming

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