Package installation directories

Configuration files directory locations.

The configuration files are located in the following directories:

Configuration Files Locations
cassandra.yaml /etc/cassandra /etc/cassandra /etc/cassandra /etc/cassandra /usr/share/cassandra

The packaged releases install into these directories:

Directories Description
/var/lib/cassandra Data directories
/var/log/cassandra Log directory
/var/run/cassandra Runtime files
/usr/share/cassandra Environment settings
/usr/share/cassandra/lib JAR files
/usr/bin Optional utilities, such as sstablelevelreset, sstablerepairedset, and sstablesplit
/usr/bin Binary files
/etc/cassandra Configuration files
/etc/init.d Service startup script
/etc/security/limits.d Cassandra user limits
/usr/share/doc/cassandra/examples Sample cassandra.yaml files for stress testing.