Configuring firewall port access

Which ports to open when nodes are protected by a firewall.

If you have a firewall running on the nodes in your Cassandra cluster, you must open up the following ports to allow bi-directional communication among the nodes, including certain Cassandra ports. If this isn’t done, when you start Cassandra on a node, the node acts as a standalone database server rather than joining the database cluster.

Table 1. Public ports
Port number Description
22 SSH port
Table 2. Cassandra inter-node ports
Port number Description
7000 Cassandra inter-node cluster communication.
7001 Cassandra SSL inter-node cluster communication.
7199 Cassandra JMX monitoring port.
Table 3. Cassandra client ports
Port number Description
9042 CQL native clients port.
9160 Cassandra client port (Thrift).