The Murmur3Partitioner provides fast hashing and good performance.

The Murmur3Partitioner is the default partitioner. The Murmur3Partitioner provides faster hashing and improved performance than the RandomPartitioner. The Murmur3Partitioner can be used with vnodes. However, if you don't use vnodes, you must calculate the tokens, as described in Generating tokens.

Use Murmur3Partitioner for new clusters; you cannot change the partitioner in existing clusters that use a different partitioner. The Murmur3Partitioner uses the MurmurHash function. This hashing function creates a 64-bit hash value of the partition key. The possible range of hash values is from -263 to +263-1.

When using the Murmur3Partitioner, you can page through all rows using the token function in a CQL query.