DataStax Community release notes

Release notes for DataStax Community.

About DataStax Cassandra documentation
DataStax no longer provides the DataStax Community version of Apache Cassandra™ or the DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra. This documentation is for the Datastax Distribution of Apache Cassandra included in DataStax Enterprise 4.8, not open-source Cassandra. See DataStax support for Apache Cassandra and the Apache Cassandra documentation.
To download and install open-source Cassandra, see Apache Cassandra™.

New features, improvements, and notable changes are described in What's new in Cassandra 2.1.

The latest version of Cassandra 2.1 is 2.1.13. The CHANGES.txt describes the changes in detail. You can view all version changes by branch or tag in the branch drop-down list: