Starting cqlsh on Linux and Mac OS X

A brief description on starting cqlsh on Linux and Mac OS X.

This procedure briefly describes how to start cqlsh on Linux and Mac OS X. The cqlsh command is covered in detail later.


  1. Navigate to the Cassandra installation directory.
  2. Start cqlsh on the Mac OSX, for example.
    If you use security features, provide a user name and password.
  3. Print the help menu for cqlsh.
    bin/cqlsh --help
  4. Optionally, specify the IP address and port to start cqlsh on a different node.
    bin/cqlsh 9042
    Note: You can use tab completion to see hints about how to complete a cqlsh command. Some platforms, such as Mac OSX, do not ship with tab completion installed. You can use easy_install to install tab completion capabilities on Mac OSX:
    easy_install readline