Upgrade guide


DSE driver 2 is not binary compatible with previous versions. However, most of the concepts remain unchanged, and the new API will look very familiar to 1.x users.

The DSE driver is based on our OSS driver for Apache Cassandra®. All the changes described in the OSS driver 4 upgrade guide also apply to DSE driver 2.


Graph options are now set in the driver configuration rather than on the Cluster object.

The different graph statement subtypes are now called: ScriptGraphStatement for text-based Gremlin scripts, and FluentGraphStatement to wrap a Tinkerpop traversal. As with previous driver versions, you can also create “connected” traversals that will execute implicitly when invoking a terminal step. See this page for a comparison of the different modes of execution.

Graph results now always use native TinkerPop types. Note that graph result sets have been split into two different interfaces (synchronous or asynchronous).


Authentication providers can now be defined in the driver configuration. 2.2.0 also adds convenience methods to pass these options programmatically on the session builder.

Note that, unlike previous versions, DSE driver 2 does not depend on gremlin-groovy (it does not use it internally). If you need it, re-add it manually as an application dependency.

Geospatial types

Point and LineString now expose static factory methods (for example Point.fromCoordinates()) instead of constructors. Polygon is unchanged (builder()). See the manual.