February 6, 2018


  • add CHANGELOG to docs (PYTHON-904)

  • Fix Broken Links in Docs (PYTHON-916)


January 30, 2018


  • GraphOptions should show a warning for unknown parameters (PYTHON-819)

Bug Fixes

  • dse.graph module import cause a DLL issue on Windows due to its cythonizing failure (PYTHON-900)

Merged from OSS master (3.13.0):


  • cqlengine: LIKE filter operator (PYTHON-512)

  • Support cassandra.query.BatchType with cqlengine BatchQuery (PYTHON-888)

Bug Fixes

  • AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘add_timer’ (PYTHON-862)

  • Support retry_policy in PreparedStatement (PYTHON-861)

  • __del__ method in Session is throwing an exception (PYTHON-813)

  • LZ4 import issue with recent versions (PYTHON-897)

  • ResponseFuture._connection can be None when returning request_id (PYTHON-853)


  • cqlengine: avoid warning when unregistering connection on shutdown (PYTHON-865)

  • Fix DeprecationWarning of log.warn (PYTHON-846)

  • Fix for python3 (PYTHON-860)

  • Possible deadlock on cassandra.concurrent.execute_concurrent (PYTHON-768)

  • Add some known deprecated warnings for 4.x (PYTHON-877)

  • Remove copyright dates from copyright notices (PYTHON-863)

  • Remove “Experimental” tag from execution profiles documentation (PYTHON-840)

  • request_timer metrics descriptions are slightly incorrect (PYTHON-885)

  • Remove “Experimental” tag from cqlengine connections documentation (PYTHON-892)

  • Set in documentation default consistency for operations is LOCAL_ONE (PYTHON-901)


November 6, 2017


  • DSE protocol version 2 and continous paging backpressure (PYTHON-798)

  • GraphSON2 Serialization/Deserialization Support (PYTHON-775)

  • Add graph-results payload option for GraphSON format (PYTHON-773)

  • Add NodeSync metadata (PYTHON-799)

  • Send keyspace in QUERY, PREPARE, and BATCH messages (PYTHON-678)

  • Add support of Python3 IPv4Address and IPv6Address for inet types (PYTHON-751)

  • Create an AuthProvider for the DSE transitional mode (PYTHON-831)

  • WriteType.CDC and VIEW missing (PYTHON-794)

  • Warn on Cluster init if contact points are specified but LBP isn’t (legacy mode) (PYTHON-812)

  • Warn on Cluster init if contact points are specified but LBP isn’t (exection profile mode) (PYTHON-838)

  • Include hash of result set metadata in prepared stmt id (PYTHON-808)

  • Add NO_COMPACT startup option (PYTHON-839)

  • Add new exception type for CDC (PYTHON-837)

  • Allow 0ms in ConstantSpeculativeExecutionPolicy (PYTHON-836)

  • Add asyncio reactor (PYTHON-507)

Bug Fixes

  • Both _set_final_exception/result called for the same ResponseFuture (PYTHON-630)

  • Use of DCAwareRoundRobinPolicy raises NoHostAvailable exception (PYTHON-781)

  • Update date serialization to isoformat in graph (PYTHON-805)


  • Add an abstract GraphStatement to handle different graph statements (PYTHON-789)

  • Not create two sessions by default in CQLEngine (PYTHON-814)

  • Bug when subclassing AyncoreConnection (PYTHON-827)

  • Error at cleanup when closing the asyncore connections (PYTHON-829)

  • Fix sites where sessions can change during iteration (PYTHON-793)

  • cqlengine: allow min_length=0 for Ascii and Text column types (PYTHON-735)

  • Rare exception when “sys.exit(0)” after query timeouts (PYTHON-752)

  • Dont set the session keyspace when preparing statements (PYTHON-843)

  • Use of DCAwareRoundRobinPolicy raises NoHostAvailable exception (PYTHON-781)

  • Remove DeprecationWarning when using WhiteListRoundRobinPolicy (PYTHON-810)

  • Bump Cython dependency version to 0.27 (PYTHON-833)


July 24, 2017


  • Implement serializers for the Graph String API (PYTHON-778)

  • Provide deserializers for GraphSON types (PYTHON-782)

  • Add Graph DurationType support (PYTHON-607)

Merged from OSS master (3.11.0):


  • Add idle_heartbeat_timeout cluster option to tune how long to wait for heartbeat responses. (PYTHON-762)

  • Add HostFilterPolicy (PYTHON-761)

Bug Fixes

  • is_idempotent flag is not propagated from PreparedStatement to BoundStatement (PYTHON-736)

  • Fix asyncore hang on exit (PYTHON-767)

  • Driver takes several minutes to remove a bad host from session (PYTHON-762)

  • Installation doesn’t always fall back to no cython in Windows (PYTHON-763)

  • Avoid to replace a connection that is supposed to shutdown (PYTHON-772)

  • request_ids may not be returned to the pool (PYTHON-739)

  • Fix murmur3 on big-endian systems (PYTHON-653)

  • Ensure unused connections are closed if a Session is deleted by the GC (PYTHON-774)

  • Fix .values_list by using db names internally (cqlengine) (PYTHON-785)


  • Bump Cython dependency version to 0.25.2 (PYTHON-754)

  • Fix DeprecationWarning when using lz4 (PYTHON-769)

  • Deprecate WhiteListRoundRobinPolicy (PYTHON-759)

  • Improve upgrade guide for materializing pages (PYTHON-464)

  • Documentation for time/date specifies timestamp inupt as microseconds (PYTHON-717)

  • Point to DSA Slack, not IRC, in docs index


May 24, 2017


  • Correct licence in DSE Driver (PYTHON-748)

Merged from OSS 3.10.0:


  • Add Duration type to cqlengine (PYTHON-750)

  • Community PR review: Raise error on primary key update only if its value changed (PYTHON-705)

  • get_query_trace() contract is ambiguous (PYTHON-196)

Bug Fixes

  • Queries using speculative execution policy timeout prematurely (PYTHON-755)

  • Fix map where results are not consumed (PYTHON-749)

  • Driver fails to encode Duration’s with large values (PYTHON-747)

  • UDT values are not updated correctly in CQLEngine (PYTHON-743)

  • UDT types are not validated in CQLEngine (PYTHON-742)

  • to_python is not implemented for types columns.Type and columns.Date in CQLEngine (PYTHON-741)

  • Clients spin infinitely trying to connect to a host that is drained (PYTHON-734)

  • Resulset.get_query_trace returns empty trace sometimes (PYTHON-730)

  • Memory grows and doesn’t get removed (PYTHON-720)

  • Fix RuntimeError caused by change dict size during iteration (PYTHON-708)

  • fix ExponentialReconnectionPolicy may throw OverflowError problem (PYTHON-707)

  • Avoid using nonexistent prepared statement in ResponseFuture (PYTHON-706)


  • Update README (PYTHON-746)

  • Test python versions 3.5 and 3.6 (PYTHON-737)

  • Docs Warning About Prepare “select *” (PYTHON-626)

  • Increase Coverage in CqlEngine Test Suite (PYTHON-505)

  • Example SSL connection code does not verify server certificates (PYTHON-469)


April 18, 2017

Release merged in changes from cassandra-driver 3.9.0

Bug Fixes

  • DateRange Parse Error (PYTHON-729)

  • MontonicTimestampGenerator.__init__ ignores class defaults (PYTHON-728)

  • metadata.get_host returning None unexpectedly (PYTHON-709)

  • Sockets associated with sessions not getting cleaned up on session.shutdown() (PYTHON-673)


  • Write documentation examples for DSE 2.0 features (PYTHON-732)


March 15, 2017

Release merged in changes from cassandra-driver 3.8.1 (PYTHON-712)

Bug Fixes

  • Migrate DateRange and DateRangeBound off namedtuple implementations (PYTHON-701)

  • Add missing rich comparisons for some custom types (PYTHON-714)

  • Fix Comparisons for DateRange util types (PYTHON-718)


  • Remove support for Cassandra 2.0 and below (PYTHON-681)


February 13, 2017


  • Support DSE DateRange type (PYTHON-668)

  • RLAC CQL output for materialized views (PYTHON-682)

Bug Fixes

  • DSE_V1 protocol should not include all of protocol v5 (PYTHON-694)


November 2, 2016


  • Add Geom Types wkt deserializer


September 13, 2016

Release upgrading to cassandra-driver 3.7.0


August 5, 2016

Release upgrading to cassandra-driver 3.6.0


June 28, 2016


  • DSE Graph Client timeouts in custom payload (PYTHON-589)

  • Make DSEGSSAPIAuthProvider accept principal name (PYTHON-574)

  • Add config profiles to DSE graph execution (PYTHON-570)

  • DSE Driver version checking (PYTHON-568)

Bug Fixes

  • Resolve FQDN from ip address and use that as host passed to SASLClient (PYTHON-566)

  • Geospatial type implementations don’t handle ‘EMPTY’ values. (PYTHON-481)


March 30, 2016


  • Distinct default timeout for graph queries (PYTHON-477)

  • Graph result parsing for known types (PYTHON-479,487)

  • Distinct read/write CL for graph execution (PYTHON-509)

  • Target graph analytics query to spark master when available (PYTHON-510)

Bug Fixes

  • Correctly handle other types in geo type equality (PYTHON-508)


February 4, 2016

Initial release