Zero nodes detected in cluster or Loading OpsCenter screen hanging

Workaround for browser environments where the OpsCenter UI is unable to establish a persistent streaming connection to opscenterd. Another symptom includes the perpetual Loading OpsCenter screen.

Some environments might experience connectivity issues with the persistent connection between the browser and opscenterd. Symptoms of this issue include a blinking icon near the top right of the OpsCenter UI, and 0 nodes displays as well. Another symptom is the Loading OpsCenter screen seems frozen, and does not load OpsCenter.

Follow the workaround steps to resolve the issue:


The location of the opscenterd.conf file depends on the type of installation:
  • Package installations: /etc/opscenter/opscenterd.conf
  • Tarball installations: install_location/conf/opscenterd.conf


  1. Open opscenterd.conf and add a [labs] section.
  2. Add the orbited_longpoll option and set the value to true:
    orbited_longpoll = true
  3. Restart opscenterd.
  4. Refresh the browser.